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Fall Training

It’s that happy time of year again! Fall Training.

And this year fall training is extra important for us, as we have guest mushers joining us next month! The dogs are stronger, faster and have more endurance with the more miles we put under their paws. They are also easier to work with.

a close up of a tree

In the beginning of the season, the dogs are extremely eager to get back to work. Even though they have enjoyed lots of free runs and/or tours on the Norris Glacier in Juneau all summer, they are still almost unmanageable in their excitement as we fire up the fourwheeler this time of year. As the dogs continue to work throughout the fall months and into the winter, they still maintain their blissful happiness and eagerness to work, but they have better control over their emotions. Imagine the transition we make from children to adults when we go on vacation. Children are overcome with externalized joy. Adults experience the same excitement, but are less likely to physically “jump up and down.” Dogs exhibit this same transition each year, and do tend to become easier to handle with age as well.

a dog playing with a frisbee

Critter. Jeff’s favorite dog. A proven, intelligent leader and a serious athlete. Here I will direct your attention to her posture and her focus. Notice her straight legs and her squared shoulders; always facing forward. Also see her hind end with flexed muscles, and slightly bent knees. It should remind you of a runner preparing to leave the starting blocks. Her preparedness is further indicated by her taught tug line (the rope behind her). Critter’s focus is completely straight ahead – not looking behind her at what the rest of the team is doing.

a person riding a horse in the snow

What a beautiful day!  The weather has been strange this year but we can’t complain.  Here Jeff takes Ron and Judy from Ft. Collins, CO on the first snowfall run of the season!


Stay tuned for winter…

– KattiJo

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