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Driving Directions

“Just getting here is part of the adventure!”

Let The Adventure Begin…

1. Turn on your GPS or open a navigational app like Google Maps or Waze

2. Navigate to the intersection of “Murphy Dome Road & Sheep Creek Road”
If you can’t find this intersection, search for Ivo
ry Jack’s Restaurant instead. This is very near to the intersection you’re looking for. Hint: Goldstream Highway and Sheep Creek Road are basically the same here. Don’t let the interchangeability of these names confuse you.

3. Turn onto Murphy Dome Road. You are now 20-30 minutes away from Black Spruce Dog Sledding. (Directions continue below photos)


4. Drive for 2 miles on Murphy Dome Road

5. Turn right on Spinach Creek Road

6. ​Drive on Spinach Creek Road for ~5 miles until it ends in a T-intersection at OLD Murphy Dome Road. You are now about 10 minutes away from Black Spruce Dog Sledding.

7. Turn right (east) on Old Murphy Dome Road.

8. Drive for ~4 miles. Eventually you’ll see Darling Avenue on your left, but don’t turn on it, no matter what your GPS says! Keep going and take your next left onto McCall Street.

9. After 1 mile, turn left on Errol Ave

10. Look for the large Black Spruce Dog Sledding business sign on the right at the end of our driveway. Turn in. You’ve made it!


Welcome to Black Spruce Dog Sledding!

Black Spruce Dog Sledding Business Sign