Sponsor Jeff Deeter

In addition to owning and operating Black Spruce Dog Sledding, Jeff Deeter is also a long distance race competitor. He’s completed multiple 1,000 mile Iditarod Sled Dog races, with his highest finish of 15th place in 2019. 



$500 per dog

This is the most popular choice for friends and fans of Black Spruce Dog Sledding. Have you taken a tour with us? Chances are you felt a special connection to a dog (or two) while you were here. Sponsor this dog and receive some cool gifts from us!


$500 + / in-kind donations

This is the best choices for businesses and organizations. When you support our racing kennel you demonstrate your commitment to tradition and community. We proudly display our gratitude and support for these businesses.


Less than $500

​Our journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single bag of dog food! Help us buy what we need, when we need it. Bales of straw, vet visits and vehicle maintenance all populate our kennel to-do list. Receive a unique gift based on your donation amount.


Our 2018-2019 Sponsors

Karen and Clarence of Weyerhaeuser, WI – Sponsoring “Whiskey”

John and Claudia of Rolla, MO – Sponsoring “Braavos” and “Yunkai”

Caralyn and Lillian of Caldwell, NJ – Sponsoring “Polar”

Doug and Arlene Phillip of Federal Way, WA – Sponsoring “Morgan,” “India” & “Pebble”

Marilyn C of Roswell, NM – Sponsoring “Owl”

Kurt M of Largo, FL – Sponsoring “Kelly”

The Clifford Gals of Houston, TX – Sponsoring “Mereen”

The Woodwell Family of Pittsburgh, PA – Sponsoring “Moe” and “Marten”

Jamie and Marco of Dallas, TX – Sponsoring “Jane”

Melissa M of University Place, WA – Sponsoring “Moose” and “Ambler”

ML and Paula of Sacramento, CA – Sponsoring “Critter”

The Zanetti Family of Jenkintown, PA & Fairbanks, AK – Sponsoring “Pringles” and “Lynx”

Julie F of Rice Lake, WI – Sponsoring “Frito”

Caleb K of North Pole, AK – Sponsoring “Forty”

The Fowler Family of Conyers, GA – Sponsoring “Pogo”

A Mystery Donor from Germany – Sponsoring “Fierce”

The Karstensen Family of North Pole, AK – Sponsoring “Spears”

Stephanie Franzen of Fairbanks, AK – Sponsoring “Qarth”

The Bailey Family of Neeham, MA – Sponsoring “Knox”

Anne and Charlie of Missoula, MT – Sponsoring “Picket”

Mike and Annita of Soquel, CA – Sponsoring “Maple”

Gretchen and Noah – Cooked all of our trail meals this season

Jade Murphy – Has given us numerous Alaskan treasures over the years

Our business is our home. Reservations are required.

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