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Sponsor Black Spruce Kennel

In addition to tour guiding, Jeff and KattiJo Deeter are also long distance race competitors. Jeff has completed multiple 1,000 mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog races. KattiJo is planning her first Iditarod for 2022.



$300 – $500

This is the most popular choice for friends and fans of Black Spruce Dog Sledding. Have you taken a tour with us? Chances are you felt a special connection to a dog (or two) while you were here. Sponsor this dog and receive some cool gifts from us!


$15 – $250

A 1,000 mile race is truly comprised of many smaller, shorter runs. That’s how we look at kennel finances, too. Donate the amount that works for you, and become part of our Sponsor Family!


$500 +

This is the best choice for businesses and organizations. When you support our racing kennel you demonstrate your commitment to tradition and community. We proudly display our gratitude and support for these businesses.


Main Team Sponsors

The Berges of MO / The Manjarrezs of MO – “Braavos”
The Berges of MO – “Pharaoh”
Kurt M. of FL – “Kelly”
Caralyn S. of NJ- “Lynx”
Jamie & Marco of TX / Stephanie & Jane of CA – “Jane”
Doug & Arlene of WA – “Maple”
Andy & Kai of AK – “Frito”
The Linn’s of CA – “Qarth”
Marilyn C. of NM – “Owl”
Melissa M. of WA – “Kitty”
Karen & Clarence of WI – “Whiskey”
The Linn’s of CA – “Mereen”
Chyrisse & Time of ND / Jon, Alicia & Ariana of OH – “Knox”
Johann & Stephanie of Germany / Brittney & Cindy of WI – “Fierce”
The Karstensen Family of AK – “Forty”
Elizabeth K. of AK – “Anderson”
Melissa M. of WA & Chuck & Jenny of GA – “Moose” 

Yearling Squad Sponsors

The Berges of MO – “Pecos”
Jess SG of MN – “Kobuk”
Rich & Kelly of CA – “The Wolf”
Doug & Arlene of WA – “Jack”
Chuck & Elizabeth of GA – “Alice”
Julie F. of WI / The Berges of MO – “Chippewa”
Melissa M. of WA – “Sigrid”
The Linn’s of CA – “Oyvind”
Dave & Kristi of WA – “Hvitserk”
Laurel J. of VA – “Tolvi”

Puppy Sponsors

Chuck & Jenny of GA – “Regina”