Meet The Dogs

Alaskan Huskies are a “hybrid racing mutt.” They got their start in Alaska in the early 1900s during the Alaskan Gold Rush. Prospectors and pioneers brought pet dogs to Alaska to serve as sled dogs. Once here, they bred these pet dogs with huskies from Siberia, as well as with the native sled dogs already in Alaska. Since Alaskan Huskies have never been bred for appearances, they come in a variety of colors, and have a multitude of markings, ear shapes and eye colors. They have only been bred for performance — making them the very best racing sled dog in the world.





In addition to running tours, the dogs of Black Spruce Dog Sledding compete in the annual 1,000 mile Iditarod Sled Dog Race Unlike other pro sports, there is very little money in dog sled racing. We do it just for fun and adventure! Join us by sponsoring one of our canine athletes…

The Main Race Team

These dogs are all eligible to compete with us in the 2020 Iditarod!
Whoop Whoop! These dogs are ALL sponsored for the 19-20 race season

The Yearling Squad

Yearlings are dogs between one and two years old. They aren’t puppies anymore, but they aren’t quite ready for a competitive Iditarod run either. The Yearling squad will train for and race in mid-distance races this season (200 to 400 miles), and join The Main Team next year. Sponsor a Yearling

The Puppies

These little gems were born in the Summer of 2019. They’ll be considered “puppies” until they are one year old. The winter of 19-20 will be their first season in harness. Sled runs during this first winter are kept short and easy, with lots of stops for petting, treats and an emphasis on having fun! Sponsor a Puppy

The “Extras”

Every kennel has ’em! Some of our “extra” dogs are old Iditarod veterans, some are fine sled dogs but not quite good enough to make our racing teams, and others have never worked a day in their lives! Some of these dogs may be eligible for adoption. Find out more here