Sponsor A Dog

Help us get to Iditarod 2020!

We begin the race season with approximately 20 of our best dogs in training. These are the dogs who work hardest for us and need the greatest care and attention. When you sponsor a dog, your donation helps to pay for your chosen dog’s booties, harnesses, jackets, food and other health supplies. Regardless of whether your favorite canine finishes this season as a veteran racer or a beloved tour dog, you’ll receive some awesome thank you gifts.



  • A high-quality, large print photo of your dog. (Available your first season sponsoring that dog)
  • Your dog’s official race tags. If your dog makes the 2020 Iditarod team, s/he will be assigned a unique collar tag. Our gift to you when the race is over!
  • A photo or photo collage of Jeff and his team from the 2020 Iditarod Trail. Whether your dog makes the race cut or not, everyone’s contribution is important! These photographs are annual keepsakes to remind you of your place on our team.
  • A magnetic, vehicle decal with your name and your sponsored dog’s name. This magnet will travel hundreds of miles with us this season, displayed on our truck and trailer as we race. But in the spring this souvenir is yours to keep!
  • A mid- and end-of-season update on your dog’s progress – written from the dog’s perspective! Will your dog be chosen to race in the 2020 Iditarod?! If so, read about their excitement and the challenges of running 1,000 miles. If they stayed at home, find out why and what next year might hold.
  • 2020 Iditarod commemorative swag. Designed and printed exclusively for kennel fans and sponsors.
  • Recognition of your sponsorship. We’ll thank you publicly on Facebook, our website and through the Iditarod!

Or send a check to Black Spruce Dog Sledding at 3850 Errol Ave Fairbanks, AK 99709. Remember to include the name of your preferred dog in the memo line!