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Welcome Winter!

As some of our readers may have experienced first hand, winter took its time getting to Alaska this year. For example, while most Fairbanks residents have memories of trick-or-treating in 30 below and 2 feet of snow, this year’s Halloween brought only a dusting on otherwise brown earth and fairly mild temperatures.

As dog mushers and winter business owners, we were concerned. But we needn’t have feared!! November brought plenty of snowfall, including a huge storm system which blew in from the Bering Sea, bringing over a foot of snow to our area over the course of a week. (It also brought massive power outages to hundreds of Fairbanks residents, but that’s another story…)

With the happy arrival of snow finally in November, we were launched into a frenzy of excitement and activity. Of course, we thought we were busy already with running the business, planning a wedding, building a house, and Jeff still working about 50 hours per week, but snowfall, of course, brought all sorts of new things to add to our To-Do lists.

Here are a few of our favorites:

1 – Preparing the sleds, the dog yard and other supplies for visitors and students
2 – Grooming and maintaining “winter-only” trails on snowmachine
3 – Plowing two driveways
4 – Training Puppies (search for Black Spruce Dog Sledding on You Tube to find video!)

So we are as exhausted as ever, but oh-so-happy with the snow, with our mushing students, and as always, with our wonderful, amazing dogs, without whom our lives would be so different and so boring 🙂

a man standing on top of a snow covered fielda traffic light is lit up at nighta person and a dog in the snowa dog standing on top of a snow covered fielda man standing on top of a snow covered field

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