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Here is a “pupdate” on what these little ones have been up to…

We are so blessed and so happy to have these puppies. They bring joy to our lives everyday and are worth all of the hard work. Here are some of our favorite snapshots from the past couple months with them. You can find even more cuteness on our facebook page

a panda bear lying on top of a grass covered field

Interestingly, some dogs are born with a natural inclination to love toys, while others simply don’t get it.  The Baby Dolls? LOVE. Coincidentally, their uncle, Dipper (Dolly’s brother) always has something in his mouth – usually a rock or a Kong.

a cat eating food while standing in the dirt

Rally clearly prefers a more “natural” food source…

a dog lying on the ground

When we go for “puppy walks” we take kibble in a coffee can.  This helps to teach the dogs to stay near us.

a person holding a dog

The Beatles and the Baby Dolls may appear vastly different in size, but they are only a few weeks apart in age.  The Beatles were born huge and lumbering, while the Baby Dolls have always been light and spry.  Happily, the two groups get along really well and we are able to do lots of activities with all 8 pups at a time.

a man and a dog walking on a dirt road

Puppy walks with 8 pups, 2 moms and of course, Koyuk, the Wonder Pet.

a herd of cattle walking across a dirt road

Puppy Walks become Puppy Runs…

As I write this, we have begun taking the Beatles running with the 4 Wheeler and the Baby Dolls running with our bicycles.  However, I have not grabbed any good photos yet. As always, look for more to come in the future!

We would love to be able to update this blog more often, but we are so busy! As some of you probably know, we started building a house/cabin this summer, and Jeff is working nearly 80 hours a week at a gold mine located about 40 minutes away from our home.  The days are long and there is lots to do, but again, we are so blessed. We thank all of you for your love and support. Come see us this winter! 🙂


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