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  • November - April

Aurora Viewing

Quick Details

Fairbanks' Best Location for Aurora Viewing!

  • 10 pm – ???
  • Campfire, board games, drinks
  • Indoor and outdoor aurora viewing
  • Alcohol and 4:20 friendly

Did you take a Scenic Day Mushing Tour with us and think “Wow! This is an incredible northern view. The aurora must be fantastic here!” Well, you’re right! So we’re opening up our facility to people who have already taken a day tour with us, and are ready to come back and experience some night time magic.

Dog sledding is not included as part of this aurora viewing experience. Instead, for a small fee, your party is invited to use our indoor and outdoor facilities for an evening of playing games, sipping drinks, sitting by the campfire, and hopefully catching some northern lights! With a clear, unobstructed view to the north and zero light pollution, if the aurora is out in the Fairbanks area you will see it here!

Show up between 10 and 11 pm. The dog yard will be open during this time so you can give some extra pets and snuggles if you like. A staff member will be around to show you how the campfire works, how to turn the yard lights on/off, and answer any lingering questions you might have. We may also feed the dogs during this time, which is a bonus for you to witness! Around 11 pm, the dog yard will be closed to visitors, and your host will leave you alone for the rest of the evening. Stay as long as you like!