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Our Journal

Fall Training

It’s that happy time of year again! Fall Training. And this year fall training is extra important for us, as we have guest mushers joining us next month! The dogs are stronger, faster and have more endurance with the more miles we put under their paws. They are also easier to work with. In the…

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Here is a “pupdate” on what these little ones have been up to… We are so blessed and so happy to have these puppies. They bring joy to our lives everyday and are worth all of the hard work. Here are some of our favorite snapshots from the past couple months with them. You can…

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The Beatles

There are so many great things about dog mushing… One of the most remarkable aspects of the sport is the comradery that exists between mushers. The mushing community is actually relatively small, and word travels fast within it. (This can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances!) In our case, lately, it’s been good….

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Dolly Puppies Born!

Dolly finally had her puppies on the day after Mother’s Day! (We were hoping for exact timing on the holiday, but we got pretty close!) That means as we write this they are two weeks old. Here are some photos from their first few days of life: A natural mother, Dolly diligently tends to her…

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The Future in Puppy Form

With the GRE firmly behind me as of 4 pm today, Jeff and I set our sights on other things. Mainly: puppies. We are casting multiple lines in the water as we move forward into our futures – both as individuals and as a couple. As much as we day dream and talk and hope…

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