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Dolly Puppies Born!

Dolly finally had her puppies on the day after Mother’s Day! (We were hoping for exact timing on the holiday, but we got pretty close!) That means as we write this they are two weeks old.

Here are some photos from their first few days of life:

a dog is eating hay A natural mother, Dolly diligently tends to her newborns.
This is her first litter and she has done an amazing job!

a person petting a dog Checking for sex… 3 girls and 1 boy

a dog lying on a pile of hay Taking care of the umbilical cord.
Moms must clean up all puppy waste in order to protect their babies from bacteria and predators.

a person petting a dog Day 3: Bringing the puppies inside our house for the first time. Dolly is not so sure about this! Despite our encouragement for her to join us, she insists on staying outside to protect her den.

a dog looking at the camera Precious!

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