Scenic Day Mushing Tour

Late November - April

  • Begins Late November


Start your tour by greeting us in our cozy, Alaskan warming tent. Inside you will have plenty of time to get suited up for the cold. Bring the warmest outerwear you have and we’ll supply the rest. Read more about how to dress.

Next, head outside to meet our friendly Alaskan Huskies. Play with them and take photos while we explain why we use this kind of dog and where they came from.

After socializing with the dogs, it’s time to prepare for our 3 mile run! First learn how to harness and hook up sled dogs, then grab your sled and hold on tight! Visitors will get a chance to drive a “tag sled” as well as sit as a passenger in the guide’s sled.

Tag sleds are second sleds, attached behind the main driving sled (driven by your guide) with a long length of rope. Tag sleds give you the same thrill of driving a dog sled, without the added pressure of actually controlling the dogs — leave that hard part to us! Tag-sledding is a fun, authentic method for learning to how to drive a sled, but mushing is not always easy! Be prepared to dump yourself into the snow bank at least once on this tour.

We’ll stop multiple times on the 3 mile trail so you can take pictures and swap positions between sitting in the guide’s sled and driving the tag sled. When we get back, take some more photos and help us put the dogs back at their houses.

Tour Length: 1.5 to 2.5 hours; varies with visitor interest and participation. Tour time includes ALL of your time with us — getting dressed, meeting dogs, hooking them up, riding the sleds on the 3 mile trail, taking pictures and asking questions. Some groups take more time with these activities, some take less.

Group Size: All winter tours are private. We won’t ever combine your couple/family with another party unless you request it. We have 6 person maximum on Friday – Mondays, and a 4 person maximum on Tuesday – Thursday, with some exceptions. Please use the online booking calendar to explore date, time and group size options. Solo travelers are welcome.

Price: $125/person. People of all ages pay the same price. There are no discounts for children or military. Non-ambulatory children may be free. Call or email for details.

Transportation: Not provided. See Getting Here for more information.

Our business is our home. Reservations are required.

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