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June - Early/Mid November

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A trip to Alaska is just not complete without dog mushing -- no matter the season!

This tour is operated during no or low-snow times of year. We need approx 16 inches of snow to safely operate our traditional dog sleds. The change-over to dog sleds and our Scenic Day Mushing Tour typically happens around the middle or end of November. 

We start this tour by introducing you to the sport of long distance racing, and our Alaskan Huskies. Find out where this special breed came from, why they all look so different, and why they are the most popular sled dog used for racing. We encourage you to walk around the dog yard and meet their different personalities. They’re super friendly!

After you’re done meeting the dogs in the yard, it’s time to get them ready to run! We’ll explain how we assemble our dog teams, based in individual personalities. Then we’ll show you how to harness the dogs and start hooking them up to our 5-passenger wheeled vehicle. This vehicle is comfortable and safe for the whole family. We use the vehicle’s engine to assist the dogs while running, and the vehicle’s breaks to slow them down!

The trail ride is 1 to 3 miles in length, depending on the weather conditions. We’ll stop multiple times so you can take pictures with the dogs and change positions in the vehicle. When your ride is over, we’ll show you all of our most important winter gear, including the dog sled. In summer, we finish up this tour by showing off our new puppies!

Tour Length: 2 to 3 hours; varies with visitor interest and level of participation

Group Size: Five (5) people is usually the maximum group size for this tour from June – mid September due to temperature restrictions for our dogs. Exceptions can be made for children who are small enough to fit on an adult’s lap. Contact us at [email protected] if your group size exceeds 5 people and includes lap children. We may also be able to accommodate groups larger than five people during cooler times of year like mid-September through November. Call us if your group exceeds five people and you are visiting during this time period.

Pricing: Two people: $200 / Three people: $250 / Four people: $300 / Five people: $350. Additional persons beyond five: $50 each. People of all ages pay the same price. There are no discounts for children or military. Solo travelers: $100; contact us to book over the phone.

Transportation: Not provided. See Getting Here for more information.


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