Driving Directions

1. Are we expecting you? Please do not arrive to Black Spruce Dog Sledding without a reservation. Reservations can only be made online, over the phone or via email. You will not be able to make reservations here on site.

2. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early for your tour. Remember you are visiting our home. When we are not running tours, we are eating meals, doing chores, or entertaining friends. Please respect our privacy and other visiting groups by arriving at your scheduled tour time only.

Step-by-Step Driving Directions

*Note: These detailed instructions may seem like way more information than what you think you need, but for some visitors, these little bits of info are essential. This guidance is meant to be helpful, not condescending. Please read carefully.

First turn on your GPS or open a navigational app like Google Maps, and search for directions to the intersection of “Murphy Dome and Sheep Creek Road.” This intersection is about 15 minutes drive north of the Fairbanks city center, and about 30 minutes drive south of our location.

Do NOT attempt to by-pass this first important step in our driving directions by using your GPS to search for other roads (such as Errol Ave) instead. Getting yourself to the intersection of Murphy Dome Road and Sheep Creek Road is crucial. There is no other way to get to our location other than via this intersection. If your GPS is telling you to use the Elliot Highway to get to our place than you have done something wrong in your search. Stay off of the Elliot Highway.

​If you are having a hard time locating the intersection of “Murphy Dome and Sheep Creek Road” you can search for “Ivory Jack’s Restaurant” instead. This restaurant is about 1 mile east of the intersection.

(Directions continued below photos)


Turn on to Murphy Dome Road (Important: You will encounter both “Murphy Dome Road” and “Old Murphy Dome Road” enroute to our location. Don’t be confused. These are two very different roads.)

Drive for 2 miles on Murphy Dome Road. Turn right on Spinach Creek Road.

​Drive on Spinach Creek Road for 4.8 miles. This is a long, up-hill drive. Finally Spinach Creek Road will form a T-intersection with Old Murphy Dome Road.

At the intersection of Spinach Creek Road and Old Murphy Dome Road, you are about 6 miles away from our home (approx. 10 more minutes drive time if conditions are good). You now have two options…

  1. If you’re on time, turn RIGHT on Old Murphy Dome Road
  2. If you’re going to be early, park in the small clearing across the road and wait until closer to your designated tour time to continue your drive. Please use common sense when deciding whether or not to park here. Sometimes this area is too muddy or snowy for parking and your vehicle will get stuck if you try to pull in here. If you’re not sure, get out and feel how stable the ground is with your feet. In general this area is a great place to enjoy the view and take some pictures. You may also want to use this opportunity to start putting on some warm winter clothes like snow pants and boots. We don’t suggest putting on jackets, facemasks, hats or gloves just yet, for risk of over-heating and sweating during the remainder of your drive. Sweating in your layers can make you cold later. This is also a good spot to open up your hand/foot warmers if you think you will want those on the tour. These take several minutes of air exposure to begin to get warm.

When you’re ready to keep driving, head east on Old Murphy Dome Road. (See the photos below if you’re confused about which direction to drive in. More directions continued below the photos.)

Drive for approximately 4 miles on Old Murphy Dome Road. You will see Darling Avenue on your left, but do NOT turn onto Darling Ave no matter what your GPS tells you! Keep driving on Old Murphy Dome Road and look for the next street on your left. That’s McCall Street. Turn left on McCall Street. There may or may not be a street sign for McCall Street. The ground isn’t very stable here and the signpost often falls over. You can look for other landmarks such as our business sign pointing with a left turn arrow, although these sometimes blow down or get vandalized as well.

As you turn on McCall street you are officially entering a residential area, although it may not seem like it. Please keep y our speed under 35 mph. Drive on McCall Street for .9 miles and look for Errol Avenue on your left.

Turn left on Errol Ave. If you miss the turn for Errol Ave you will notice the road you are on will suddenly become very narrow and difficult to drive. McCall Street becomes a trail at this point. You’ve gone too far.

Drive for .7 miles on Errol Ave to find Black Spruce Dog Sledding near the end of the road on the right hand side. There is a large business sign at the end of our driveway. But wait!

Are you early? If you are more than 15 minutes early for your tour, please park at the end of the road in the nice, big cul-de-sac and wait for your designated tour time. We want to make your first impression a great one! We need time to prepare for you and say good bye to departing groups. Remember you are visiting our home – parking space and staff are limited.

As you drive in, look for the parking signs, traffic cones, or other designations telling you where to park. We do not run tours out of our physical house. Instead, we have a sturdy, square, white canvas tent we use as our visitor “meet and greet” area. Look for this white tent on the far side of our dog yard and park near the tent. We’ll try our best to come out and meet you.

Our business is our home. Reservations are required.

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